A letter from the chairman to new employees:

Welcome to Sinqi! It’s our greatest honor to cooperate with you. In the future, we will work happily together in order to achieve the same mission based on mutual trust and understanding.

Sinqi is a state-level torch high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in ophthalmic R&D, manufacturing and sales. Sinqi requires every employee to fully understand its corporate philosophy of “working exquisitely and giving back to the country with industry”.

Though Sinqi isn’t an excellent enterprise on a global level right now, we believe that we will ascend into becoming an excellent enterprise in the global ophthalmic manufacturing industry after two decades. Sinqi’s success is indebted to every employee’s efforts and contribution. If one employee has no responsibility, isn’t good at cooperating or is unwilling to work positively, he will lose an opportunity to develop in the company. Therefore, please consider your choice carefully before joining Sinqi.

Opportunities always wait for those who work in a thoroughgoing manner. In Sinqi, the company offers an open path of development for employees to grow. If you have management potential, you’ll be fostered to be management talent. If you have technical expertise, you may become a position expert.

Concentration brings power. We believe that only by focusing on specific work can we become skillful and achieve success! With the rapid development of science in modern society, it’s really hard to authentically grasp a certain technology. When you know everything and want to do everything, it means that you’re not proficient in any of them. You should treat any work in your hands carefully, strive to focus on it and keep your interest in it.

Every employee should learn that you won’t get any increased salary or promotion because of sending gifts to your heads. We never allow such kind of practice. At Sinqi, work performance is the best gift for your heads! We adhere to the principle of determining treatment based on capability and deciding levels according to assessment!

Whatever position you will be engaged in, any new employee in R&D and production centers should start from sanitation work, the grass-roots level! Sinqi won’t promote any person without grass-roots work experience to become a manager.

Responsibility stands for an attitude. You’ll encounter any problem in work either at present or in the future. In Sinqi, you’d better follow three persistent principles so as to solve problems. That is, persist in finding out persons in charge of relevant problems, the reasons for problems, and solutions!

As Sinqi employees, we should always remember that the country’s, nation’s and enterprise’s interests are always above all. We should exert our efforts to do things to benefit the country and company, because we wish to “work exquisitely and give back to the country with industry”. No leader would deeply trust any employee without any sense of duty; no one can overcome the experience of cardinal issues of right and wrong. I often say, “Find one’s moral quality from minor matters and observe capabilities from major matters.” From minor matters, we can find out whether an employee has a sense of responsibility for an enterprise, which is an important aspect for evaluating employees.

Working positively is a type of frontier. Andrew Carnegie, the American Steel King, once said, “Two kinds of people will accomplish nothing forever. That is, those who never act positively unless they’re required to do so, and those who can’t do things well even if they are forced to do so”.

Your progress and development in the company are determined by your initiative. What does initiative mean? It means that you’re doing accurate things without being told to. Initiative work can bring happiness. Some people are accustomed to possessing a work spirit of initiative, and they forget food and sleep while doing any work, while others need to cultivate a good habit of positive work. If you think you don’t have enough initiative work spirit, you should require yourself to work positively with a responsible attitude, turning initiative work into your habit and a virtue.

An excellent worker should work as hard as always even if leaders are absent! Only those workers who work positively and aggressively can become lucky, more easily find their position in their career, and gain success.

In a high-tech industry, continuous learning ability determines an enterprise’s competitiveness. Therefore, we should learn German enterprises’ careful work attitude, American enterprises’ innovative spirit and all the excellent enterprises’ advantages from across the world. If we keep learning, we can keep a foothold and authentically make progress in the fierce international competition in the future.

At Sinqi, the company carries out various education and training activities as planned with the hope of realizing self-enhancement and improvement. External causes are the conditions of changes, while internal causes are fundamental. Therefore, everyone should form a positive learning habit and cultivate self-learning ability. At Sinqi, the company offers some basic life services. We may not do things perfectly in every aspect to reach your requirements, and we apologize for that. I hope that you can cherish resources and form a good economical virtue when working.

“God gives an important task to a certain person”. When we accept the challenge of destiny, we should bear the test of suffering in doing good things repeatedly, and make progress tirelessly. It’s hard for us to become the pillars of society without certain bearing capacity and experiencing hardship! One’s destiny is grasped by oneself!

Only if you cultivate your own sense of responsibility and spirit of positive work can you become more powerful. I believe that Sinqin will realize our glory and ideals with our joint efforts, “Become a competitive global ophthalmic research and manufacturing enterprise!”

                                                                                                                                                Chairman: Liu Jidong