Product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival

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Sinqi ophthalmic medicine has established a perfect quality management system. From the initial product design, development to production, every link is strictly checked by quality assurance personnel. The quality testing center has been certified by CNAS, indicating that the laboratory has the ability to conduct experimental testing in accordance with the accreditation criteria, and the management level has reached the standard requirements of the national accreditation committee. Inspection technicians, through advanced testing instruments, inspect and test incoming materials, pharmaceutical water, production environment, intermediate products and finished products in accordance with regulatory requirements and enterprise internal control standards. Verification personnel confirm and verify the air conditioning system, water system, key equipment, etc., to ensure that the system and equipment are always in the best state, ensure the effective operation of the quality system, and continue to produce products in accordance with laws and customer requirements, which is the eternal theme of xingqi research and development, production and quality management.